Flintshire Historical Society Journal - Volume 37 (2007)

  • Officers and Council of the Society
  • Reports of the Council for 2003-2005


  • Thomas Edwards of Saithaelwyd - the exploits of an Eighteenth-Century Flintshire Lead Mining Agent
  • Rural Buildings in Flintshire and North-East Wales in the Nineteenth-Century
  • Gladstone and Victoria
  • The City of Ottawa - the remains of a Nineteenth-Century full-rigged ship lying in the Foryd Harbour, Rhyl
  • Lady Ruth Herbert Lewis (1871-1946): Indefatigable collector of Flintshire\'s folk-songs
  • Ffynnongroyw in 1901: A Proletarian Village at a Linguistic Crossroads

Short Articles

  • A Coachmaker\'s story: the life and times of Philip Godsal (1747-1826)

Book Reviews

  • Hiller: Your Obedient Servant: the History of an Historic Welsh Estate
  • Erasmus: A History of the Alun School, Mold: The Lloyd Parry Years (1880-1922)
  • Connolly: Life in the Victorian Brickyards of Flintshire and Denbighshire
  • Dodd: The Practice: Almost Four Hundred Years of Legal Practice in a Welsh County Town
  • Ford: Coachmaker: The Life and Times of Philip Godsal 1747-1826
  • Griffith: Power, Politics and County Government in Wales - Anglesey 1780-1914
  • Pritchard: The Making of Buckley and District
  • Brown: Discovering a Welsh Landscape: Archaeology in the Clwydian Range